Kicking Ass And Taking Tacos…Week 9 For the Horde

That title is referring to this absolutely hilarious story from many moons ago. Then San Diego Chargers defensive end Chris Mims attacked a man with a belt, then stole his tacos because he was hungry. The fact he took a guy’s fast food makes me giggle to this day. Sadly, Chris died a couple of […]

Beating Those DRuMs To Bloody Death

Woohoo! Now we’ve entered a realm where basically repeating title elements is okay! Truly, I am growing as a writer…
Anyway, this won’t be another long, long preamble about SecuROM, I promise…it will be a short one. More of an addendum, really, to my previous post. It seems that my earlier point about Bethesda being more […]

Black & Orange Day

Fuck you political correctness. Fuck you in the ass with a flaming Christmas tree.I think we are truly blessed in Canada. We live in a place where you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do and believe what you want to believe without fear o…


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My boyfriend & myself. 🙂

Credit goes to Mariebee for the lens flare addition, as I never get to take photographs when there’s sun available thanks to office life :). Thank you for the free layer!


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The newest in my collaboration with Lissa; My photo is on the left and is meant to represent "solidity" and Lissa’s photo is on the right and represents "frailty". Next week, we switch!

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