Doin’ the Dishes – System of a Down

I was doing the dishes tonight, and decided that I would listen to a single album and then post my thoughts on that album. It might become a series, it might be a one-time shot.

I picked System of a Down tonight for two reasons. One, it was on the iPod. Two, I was in the mood for something a little faster, a little heavier. So, with no further ado, here are my thoughts on System of a Down’s self-titled album:

I got System of a Down from James one day in 1998. I had originally thought that it was 1997, but Wikipedia, ever my faithful companion, tells me that the album did not exist at that juncture. This was during my “Roommates” phase with James. A time that was transformational and brought me out of a shell I didn’t even know I had around me.

James was into different music than I was. I seem to remember listening to a lot of Faith No More and some old-timey lounge music at the time. James was into Korn and a bunch of others that I’d heard of but not paid much attention to. He mentioned this album and it intrigued me so I borrowed it from him and made a copy tried it out.

For the next several months (during which I would have the tumultuous ending of a friendship, start and leave the bleach factory, build bikes, build golf courses and consort with waitresses servants of the great egg) I listened to a near-continuous stream of System of a Down. They were loud, they were fun, they were sometimes annoying but they were almost always on. I’ll give my thoughts on some or all of the songs below.

Suite-Pee – My only thought on this song is that my brother originally thought this was the title of the CD so my copy evaluation version actually has Suite-Pee as the title.

Sugar – My most vivid memory of this song is James singing it at Karaoke. Which also brings back the memory of Kyle and Erron fighting at Karaoke, which filled James with glee because he could run home (I remember him actually running down the street – boy got some quicks) yelling, “GREAT! I get to watch Buffy!”

Suggestions – I remember listening to this song on the way to and away from a movie at Silver City. I don’t remember what movie it was. It might have been the second Star Wars prequel but I’m not sure.

Spiders – This and War? are my favourite songs on the album, for completely different reasons.


So, that’s all I got for the first edition of Doin’ the Dishes. Maybe there’ll be a second edition. We’ll see. There’s always more dishes and I have lots of albums.