On life’s luxuries…

[Originally meant to post on Jan 3rd, 2009]

Today is day 4 of living at Kim’s place without running water. We’ve been thrown back into the 1900’s by a water main break last Tuesday. One of the neighbours came to warn us of the impending water shutoff, but by the time they got to our place all we could hear was hissing of the taps.

First day wasn’t too bad, apart from the water truck not being there as promised. It showed up on the second day, and it’s two and a half blocks away. We get our water in a cooler on wheels, and my arm feels like it’s going to fall off every time I go.

Lack of running water made us way more conscious of how much water we actually use on daily basis. We can get with our daily lives with a lot less when we try.

The biggest nuisance is going to the bathroom for #2. We’ve been “saving it” until we go to a movie or a store, just so we didn’t use the precious water.


We were out of water for 5 days and then it was restored. Just to be shut off the next day for 14 hours as neighbours pipe burst. Fortunately, it has been working just fine since.

During the water outage, we continued our lives, and even had a large turkey dinner with Kim’s cousin. But I was really glad that the water came back.

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  1. I was wondering why the pipes would be bursting in October, but actually reading it again it made sense. I know what you mean about luxuries, we have been without central-heating since we moved in, not so bad when it is +20 outside, but damn annoying when it is -10. Finally, we will be getting a new 95.2% ultra-efficient boiler put in next week, all for about the price of a new car. Oh well, the gas saving will probably pay for itself in 15 years at today’s rates, much sooner when you factor in inflation.

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