Story of Two Rings

With one ring I was wed on a sunny day in May. Few months later, during a visit to Saskatchewan and trying to water ski, the ring ended up on the murky depths of a lake.

My mood went down with the ring. I felt that losing the ring was a bad omen.

We planned ways of trying to retrieve the ring from the lake, protect ourselves from the power boats and stay safe. We started figuring out plans to rent scuba gear and have multiple dives to search the bottom of the silty lake.

On May 30th, Kim and I spent a wonderful day celebrating our first anniversary. We went to Hawrelak park and had a picnic lunch during which Kim brought up our plans how to retrieve the ring and if it was worth it. Like a fool, I never saw it coming: Kim gave me another wedding ring to replace the one I lost! I was very moved and started crying, just like I did on our wedding day.

After my tears of joy dried up, we drove around the park looking for “our trees”. Unfortunately, they were not in bloom yet so we went to MEC and registered for paddlefest.

We stopped at a Second Cup and played some Scrabble, like we did on our first real date. I got my ass handed to me yet again, just like every time since then.

All in all, a beautiful anniversary. And I have my ring back!

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  1. While nothing can completely erase the punch-in-the-gut feeling that comes from losing your wedding ring (I know from experience), that was a very classy way to replace it. Good job, Kim.

    Happy anniversary, guys!

  2. Does this mean you’re not going to crawl around in a loincloth the next time you come out here looking for “your precious”?

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