Liam is throwing down the gauntlet..

Gauntlet (English pronunciation: /ˈgɔːntlət/) is a name for several different styles of glove, particularly those with an extended cuff covering part of the forearm. Gauntlets exist in many forms, ranging from flexible fabric and leather gloves, to mail and fully articulated plate armour.

I shall take that Gauntlet and put it on and slap this blog silly with it! 

You should read this.

No, not this. This.

Why haven’t I heard of this outside of the blogosphere? I’ll admit that I don’t pay even as much attention to the news as a blind toddler, but this should be a big story. Heroism, perseverance, and selflessness in the face of a terrifying tragedy.

Do you care? Should you? I dunno. I just think it should be communicated.