Today we found out that a fellow that we have played World of Warcraft with passed away in a car accident by Morinville on Friday.  We have met him in person, but mainly got to know him via his "Warrior" and his easy going voice on Vent.  He was only 41 and is gone just like that.  It's reminds me how quickly it can be over and that growing "old" is really a privledge.

We will miss you Thery ; (

Say Goodbye to the Sun

You know what you need to do.

You’ve been here before.

It’s the time of year when sun hats, beach balls, and long, sunny days spent in chaises longues are put aside. To be sure, you could do all that if you had a properly connected laptop, smart phone, or even some way to access the internet with wienie-roast smoke-signals. The point is, it’s time to turn our backs on the sun and bake our skin the way God intended, with monitor-glare.

That’s right, it’s time, once again, for the Summer Blog Challenge (SBC).

Starting August 08, 2011, and completing the last post on September 07, 2011, stalwart competitors will write a post per day. For those like me who struggle with math, that’s 31 days of blogginess.

Before, there was a regulation that posts must stretch to 150 words. I don’t want that kind of challenge this year. What I want is for posts to be meaningful. For some, that’s a 20-word haiku that illustrates the beauty of the fuzz you used to clean out of the place where the ball goes on old mice. For some, it’s a photo essay extolling the wonders of Folk Fest. For some (Cliff) that’s 6275 words ranting about old windshield wipers. I am not going to tell you what a meaningful blog post entails.

However, what I would like to see is some indication that you are reading other blogs. I would like to make a rule that each entrant comment on at least one blog post from another challenger each day, with an additional requirement that by the end of the challenge, each blogger has commented on each blog (excepting his/her own) at least once. [UPDATE: This assumes that there is the same relatively manageable-sized group of miscreants as in years past --lj] Same rule applies as the posts, though. It has to be a meaningful comment. Again, I won’t tell you what is meaningful to you. But it would be nice to see some dialogue flowing in the comments sections.

If you are interested in joining in the Summer Blog Challenge (SBC), please leave a comment on this post AND have a post up by 11:59:59pm August 8. The requirement being both because if you write a post but don’t let me know, how do I know you’re in the challenge? And if you comment but don’t write a post on the first day, that’s just kinda lame.

I’m excited, and I already have a post worked out for the first day. It’s going to be sizeable, and it’s dedicated to my twitter followers.

I might go radio silence until August 08. If that’s the case, we’ll see you there.

Whattya think? Comments? Complaints? Want to know more? Leave a comment and I’ll answer as quickly as my attention span and spare time can allow.