Our House

As far as updates go, this one will be pretty tame, I’m sure.

Yesterday, it was made known that all employees will be required to work from home unless their job situation demands they remain in the office (site staff, reception, etc.) or they have a hardship where it is not possible for them to work from home.

As I had already decided to work from home, and had created a space that was for such a purpose, I had no problem digesting the information. That said, I’m sure that edmontonjobshop.ca, monster.ca, and workopolis.com got some very Haemo-centric ip visits yesterday afternoon.

What all this means is that the timeline for me working from home is set. I begin working from home full-time next Monday.

I’d like to say that I’ve kept my office space pristine, that it is my sanctuary, that it is unassailable by the chaos of having five people, three of which are children, in a house that is packed full of stuff.

However, my capacity for bull only goes so far. The office cannot only be an office. The area directly to the right of my desk is under-stairs storage, which I had to rummage through to get a tent for Folk Fest. I finally cleaned up the cardboard my desk shipped in, but styrofoam, bits of other debris, and some tools still lie on the floor.

Don’t even let me get into the subject of my desk.

There are wires EVERYWHERE. I have my Mac Mini set up on this desk as well. USB cables for various gadgets, display cables, speaker wires, headphones, peripheral cables… they all combine to make a big, big, big mess.

So, since I don’t have enough deadlines, goals, or work to do in my life, I have decided that before I start working from home full-time, I will have my office cleaned up. Under stairs stuff will be returned from whence they came. A space will be created for the monitors coming home. The floor will be vacuumed. Cables will be routed where they should be. A space under the monitors will be used for holding both computers.

When I roll out of bed Monday morning, and make the extra-long twenty second commute, I will post again, with a picture of my serene, spacious office.


[Editor's note: I always thought "Our House" was done by Men Without Hats. It wasn't until a couple of years ago, and then again today that I discovered it was a band called Madness. --LJ]

Cook Yourself Thin

Today Shaun gave a weight loss update and many of the commentators also talked about their attempts at weight loss.  It's interesting that these days many of us have weight to loose.  I suspect that all our modern day conveniences and sedentary lifestyles are big culprits. 

I too have worked on loosing weight.  In the last year and a bit I have managed to loose and mostly keep off 35 pounds.  I follow the weight watchers approach and basically just track what I eat.  I can eat whatever I like but if I make crappy choices, then I can't each much at all.  One secret is really limiting how much you eat out and eat as much home cooked fresh food as you can.  Of course this takes more time and effort, but I think the benefits are worth it.

We all like looking better and fitting into smaller jeans, however for me the big driver is health.  As I get older I want to ensure I keep my blood sugar, cholesterol and other factors under control.  I don't want to take a pill for anything that can be controlled naturally. 

So back to food.  This has been something I have focused on, especially since I love it so : )  For me I love my sweets and won't have any success if I eliminate them completely.  So I have found some good recipes for goodies that reduce the sugars, cut fats and overall calories.   I also try and make sure my fiber is high and the carbs low.  In this endeavor I have found a few good sites with yummy recipes you can try.

Gina's Skinny Recipes has some great recipes and loads of great pictures.  I love to see a picture of something I am going to make.  There is a banana oatmeal cookie on this site that I recommend.  Just a bit of butter and lots of oatmeal.  I like to add sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, whatever you like to fibre it up.  Here is the cookie recipe

She also posts the nutrition information and the WW points (old and new). 

There is also a TV show called Cook Yourself Thin.  I have started trying a few of their recipes.  One that tasted really good is Healthy Potato skins.  They are really yummy and the sweet potatos have half the glycemic index of a white potato, so they break down into sugars much slower which is good.  You also get a healthy dose of spinach in this one so all good.  I have started using Turkey bacon as well as an alternative.  It isn't quite real bacon, but a good alternative.

I also have the Eat, Shrink and be Merry cookbook.  This is also a TV show and has some recipes that are yummy.  These sisters work to take a regular recipe and re-vamp it to cut carbs, fat and salt.  They also try and increase good fats and fibre.  The Starvin Guy Chicken pot pie was a good one.  There is no crust but instead a sweet potato biscuit on top...its pretty yummy.

The other thing I often do is check out nutritional information on food choices if I am going to a restaurant.  They don't all have them but if you are going to BP, Montana's, Earls, etc. they do.  You would be surprised at how evil some seemingly innocent dishes are.  Now I am not saying to never treat yourself, but this is about being good more often than being bad.  Often the better choice is good as well. 

So those are a few sites you can check out for some cooking inspiration, especially if you are looking to dial back the bad a bit : )

Day 2 Summer Blog Challenge Digest

All the Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 09, 2011

Until tomorrow,
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[Author's Note: is this a good format for the digest? Do you want to see something a little different? Let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate you. --TM]

Nice, Part II

Things aren't seeming to get much better... yesterday was like tech Armageddon at our house.

Concerning my computer, I managed to fuck it up even more (if that was even possible) by installing Windows on the wrong hard  drive (I have a solid-state drive for the OS and a standard drive for data and somehow I picked the wrong one during install). So now I have two versions of Windows. One on the wrong drive and one broken one on the right drive... *sigh*

After getting sufficiently frustrated with the computer I decided to watch some TV in bed only to discover that Shaw decided that I don't get most of my channels any more because that TV isn't connected to a digital box? I thought this national switch to digital thing only applied to people that were using antennas to get a signal...

I honestly hope that this turns around soon. I don't know what's really left to break. Maybe the projector in the theater room will melt next...

They Think I’m Beautiful

August 08 2011

These are the photos of me I like best.  Blurry photos, or ones that are highly over exposed. They wash out my flaws, or make them invisible with motion blur.

I am a harsh critic.

It’s why I almost never turn the camera on myself.  It’s why when others take photo’s of me I am very uncomfortable.  I don’t like being on the other side of the camera.  I have no control. I don’t get to delete.

And yet when my children grab hold of the camera, they often chose me to snap pictures of.  I don’t want to rub off  my insecurities, I want them to be fearlessly self-confident, so I let them snap away happily, excited they get to play with Mom’s toy.  Then they pull up the album, and show me the best ones they took.   They tell me how beautiful I look, and what great pictures they take, and I agree with them.  I hold back the criticisms about not having my hair washed, the stain on my shirt,  the unplucked eyebrows, and the other endless things I don’t like about me.

They think I’m beautiful.

I am what they want to capture on “film”, they see me as so much more than I deserve.  I think I should try to see me through their eyes a little more often.

*photo taken by Petra age 6

All Hipstamatic settings chosen by her as well

Lens – Chunky

Film – Ina’s 1935

Flash – off