On passion…

Lately my day to day work has been tedious and quite unrewarding. Yet every morning I start the day and try to do the best that I can. Frequently, as of late, it seems like a waste.

So, as Kim eloquently asked me, Why do I care?

The best answer I could come up with at the time was “Because if I stop caring about my work, if I stop caring about my craft then they’ve won. I take pride in what I do, and if I lose that, I may as well quit programming altogether and do something else.”

Is it worth investing myself in a project that seems to have members of our team actively work against what should be our common goal? Probably not – but I like myself better this way.

Maybe they’re afraid that this project will be a success. It replaces everything they’re comfortable with. It discards their whole knowledge base on how to fix things if they go wrong. It makes them do things in new ways.

Who knows.

I’m not going to let them destroy my pride. I value myself more than that.

Random Stuff

  • Someones cell phone at work sounds like the ice cream truck.  This is just cruel.
  • Listening to Shakira at work is not good if people around.  I am having a hard time not wiggling my ass in my chair.  I am sure people think i have to pee!
  • I am sorry Chad for making you listen to the entire Bat out of Hell song on the radio on the way home from work.  They don't make em like that anymore ; )
  • Today a street person told me he liked my hair-doo.  That was nice.
  • Speaking of the streets, I wonder what ever happened to Spandex Man?
  • The word "done" means different things to different people.  To me it is 100% finished and tested. Developer definition: It is working on my local machine if I use this one use case only and don't try and build it to an actual environment.
  • I needed a band-aid today so went into our work first aid kit.  Well no band-aid but if i get an 8 inch knife wound it looks like I will be covered.
  • I work with a grown woman that talks like a baby, is it wrong that I want to smack her?

Tomorrow is Friday!

Nice, Part III

OK, hopefully this will be my last post regarding computer woes.

Last night I knuckled down and formatted both drives and installed the OS on the correct one. Score! Over the years I've spent enough time doing this very thing and it's odd that the memory of how long this process actually takes never sticks with you (if you've never had to do it, it's a long time). Staring at blue bars and percentages is not an exciting thing.

Anyhoo, maybe my next post can be about something game-related. I've been trying to find a good way of conveying my thoughts about Blizzard's decision to allow selling in-game items for real money in its upcoming game Diablo III, and I think the post is mostly there... I just want to remove most of the excess jargon to make it interesting for the non-gaming crowd.

We'll see how it goes.

What is in your riding kit?

This post has been delayed due to an awesome date with my Wife.

Previously I mentioned permanent gadgets attached to my bike, which got me thinking – what are all the upgrades I’ve done to my 2006 Giant FCR3? What exactly is in my ride kit, and should I change anything to make it better?

Let’s start with the upgrades first, and then we’ll dive into all the little things that I tend to take with me.

First thing I did when I got the bike was to replace the pedals. The stock cage pedals didn’t really suit my style and I wanted clip less pedals. I also realized that I may not have my cycling shoes on me always, so I went for Wellgo WPD-95B the half/half pedal. It has served me well so far. I do notice a difference when I use clip pedals – much more power is available.

Second thing I did was to add a back rack and a rear deflector. This prevents me from getting a “skunk-stripe” and allows me to haul a lot more than with a backpack. And to haul, I got myself a pair of panniers. Linked ones are the new version. Waterproof they’re not, but since I don’t really ride in the rain much, it’s not much of a concern.

Third thing was to install a set of pinhead wheel axle locks. This would not be necessary if I didn’t mind taking my front wheel off every time I tried locking up my bike. I am quite lazy, and it makes me much less likely to just jump in to a store or run an inside errand.

Before mentioned Air Zound and a bell round out the permanent items attached to my bike.

So what is part of my riding kit, that makes its way inside whenever the bike is locked?


Mobile repairs:

  • Pump – Filtzer Mini-Me – I’ve tried the Planet Bike ones and they never worked properly. This one is tiny and can actually pump up my tires to 110psi.
  • Glue-less patches – Filzer Zippy – No separate glue, no mess and they really work
  • Tire levers – uhh… I need to get a new set
  • Bike multi-tool – smallest one I could find
  • Pinhead axle key – see patches Smile


  • Bike computer – Garmin Edge 305 w/heart rate monitor – Not the flagship product anymore, but still damn good
  • MP3 player & headphones – I know I shouldn’t be riding with them on, but sometimes it is boring.
  • Water bottle – Nalgene All-Terrain bottle – Keep the shit on the road off of the water spout. Less shit in my mouth is great!
  • Snacks

Sigh… maybe I should just jump on the bike more often, and leave all the preparation for all troubles behind and enjoy the kilometers under the cranks.