Playing “marbles for adults”

As Robin Williams so eloquently put it:

In July, I went on a boys only golfing trip with my brother-in-law and father-in-law to Kimberley, BC. This was the first time that I’ve done anything like this.

First off, I am NOT a golfer. I usually golf once, maybe twice a year. I consider it an achievement if people pick my drive because it’s acceptable in a Texas-scramble game. Same goes for losing less than one ball per golf hole

The night before the golf trip came, and I still hadn’t swung a club yet. So what did I do? I went to the closest golf range, grabbed two large buckets of balls, a pint of deet and made myself a blister on my pinky finger.

Not only did I make a blister, but I popped it as well. I could barely hold my club.

I figured that I can keep the skin flap attached with plethora of bandaids. But that didn’t do much for my game.

We golfed couple of courses: Wildstone on Saturday and Trickle Creek on Sunday. My review of the couses:

  • Wildstone: Brand new course. Beautiful driving range. It feels like you’re driving the ball into the Rockies, which take up the whole view. Golf course is new, and there is a bit of construction visible and no real club house.

    For the course layout all I can say is: Gary Player is a fucking jerk. Every single shot I took landed in a sand trap. Every shot anyone else took landed in the bunker. It felt like we were playing in a desert.
  • Trickle Creek: Beautiful. Challenging. Fun. I’d play it again, even though I’m not the greatest golfer.

We also played Bootleg Gap executive 9 hole course, but I managed to hurt my shoulder, so my review of that one is completely skewed. It sucked because my shoulder hurt.

There were visits to Chef Bernard’s Schnitzel house, attending the Julyfest in Kimberley and many crushed beers.

Would I do it again? In one word – Yes.

White Wedding

I first met Atti Kisch at a BBS user meet at Foodie Goodie (which I believe has since been renamed to Buffet Royale). He and some others, as far as I can remember, got obsessed with Jell-o. That was one million years ago.

We hung out occasionally after that. He was notable for his slightly different speaking mannerisms, his love of disco, and his International Scout, a behemoth of a vehicle that Kyle, Atti, and I once managed to take the top off of. Also, for being described as “the cool one.”

One of my favourite memories from my past with Atti was when we were both looking for work downtown, and he figured he would pad his resume for a security job by saying he had five years’ martial arts training. Another was driving from Lethbridge to Calgary and taking the wheel from the driver’s side while Atti… um… had a break? Took it easy? Regardless, that’s the kind of off-the-wall thing you could expect when privileged by a visit with Atti.

Today, Atti married the love of his life. I could not be happier. He is a guy who works hard for his family and, while I do not think that anything would separate the three Kisches, Atti and Michelle had a wonderful day in the sun.

Congratulations, my friend.


Summer Blog Challenge Day 5 Digest

Summer Blog Challenge August 12, 2011

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I Tried

To write a post, but I didn't really happen.

I sat looking at the blinky cursor but nothing came to mind.

Then some wild guildies appeared.

And we pwnd some noobs.

Sorry blogosphere, no meaning for you tonight.