Working For The Weekend

I’ve spent five and a half years as a professional developer, eight and a half in an office setting, and twelve years over all in the workforce. I remember when I was working my second job, in a pipe yard in Nisku, that I was overwhelmed with good feeling about the team I worked with. I’ve had that feeling, though not as strongly, at nearly every place I spent more than one or two days at since then. I suppose it’s the good feeling that comes from working together, moving in the same direction, and winning or losing together. This is a part of me that I love. The part of me that gives and gives to people I work with, whether they have made an attempt to do it on their own or not. It sometimes leads to me feeling used and used up, but my experience is largely positive and I don’t think I hesitate before agreeing to help or even offering.

Quite often, I’ll see someone who, professionally, is just in it for themselves. ‘That’s someone with something wrong with them,” I’ll say to myself. I assume he’s some kind of loner with no social skills. Then I find out that she is married with a couple of kids and am completely blown away. How can someone come into a team environment and not feel the excitement of working together? Am I the only one who gets attached this way? Am I some hopeless romantic who’s bought into one too many orientation films?

For the record, this is my 400th blog post. Not as many as some, but more than others. I’m proud of it.

This Just In: 3D Movies Still Suck

Only a short post tonight.

Tammy and I just got back from dinner and a movie,with the movie being the last Harry Potter flick... IN 3-FUCKING-D! Actually, it wasn't in the plan to see the 3D version but it was all they had when we got to the theater. Notably, at least 60% of all the movies they had were 3D.

The last time I saw a 3D movie was Avatar a few years back and it doesn't look like the technology has improved much. First off, for me at least, the 3D isn't very... well... 3D. I can tell when a scene is supposed to have extra effects but they seem kind of "flat" for lack of a better word. The other indicator for me is the headache it induces. I'm constantly having to take both sets of glasses off (my normal glasses and then the special ones I have to wear over top) and give the ol' forehead a rub every 15 minutes or so.

I honestly hope this fad goes away soon. Movies can be good without the gimmicky aftereffects.

Please Hollywood. Put a bullet in 3D.

Thank you.

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