The 2014 Goal-post

Some time last year, I decided that, while 2013 had been the year of reading, 2014 was going to be the year of writing. After all, if I’d managed to dedicate a year to reading and had it pay off that well, I could do the same thing with writing, right?

As it turns out, it amounted to not as much as I’d hoped, but more than I’d feared.

What dedicating the year to writing got me was two short stories, which fed into an idea for a bigger story around that; a second NaNoWriMo win, which was the story that the short stories had spawned; a way to finish the NaNo story from the year before, as a sequel to this story; and the beginnings of a serial fiction that will actually get me editing something.

It’s the last one I’m most excited about right now. I mean, I know how to write a first draft, and I’m getting better at it, but I’ve never really committed anything to editing. I published the first entry almost two weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten any feedback. I started to edit the second part, but it felt wrong and I ran away from it. I’ll get back to it tonight, though.

Another unexpected thing that came from my year of writing is another big bump in the number of books I read. I’d originally planned on reading twelve books, really diving into them, and getting the storytelling elements out of them — what worked, what didn’t, what to tell, what to skip — but instead, I just read a bunch of books. I made up for the lack of deeper dive by reading 70 books. I’ll try not to dither about how it would have been better as a writer to use the reading time more productively. I had a good time.

So, another year is nigh, and I feel like, instead of moving on to something else, I owe it to myself to make a better showing at a year of writing, so I’m going to continue to focus on that and see what it brings me. I don’t want to just crank out stuff. Now that I have three or four first drafts sitting around, I want to edit them, to make them something that someone else might some day want to read. But I have to keep writing new stuff, too. Oh, and also read. I don’t know if I’ll do the deeper dive this year, or if I’ll continue to just read for pleasure, but I’m sure that I’ll read.

So, guitar and game programming, you get to sit on the shelf for another year while I keep trying my hand at writing.


I've talked about my feelings regarding hot days in the past and I'll come straight out and say that those feelings haven't changed much over time. My comfort level (the temperature I enjoy the most) is in the low twenty degree range... right around 22-24. I know others, notably Shaun, love the really hot 30+ days and admittedly, when it gets that hot it does certainly does make it feel like summer time.

I think the thing that I dislike the most when it gets that hot is how the heat tends to linger in the house. Outside cools off nicely (sitting on the deck on evenings like that are awesome) but inside retains the warmth and it makes it uncomfortable at best. Trying to sleep with only a sheet and a bunch of fans going doesn't make for a very good night's rest... that's for sure.

Last year we looked in to the cost of getting air conditioning installed and from the few quotes we got they were all over $5000... a bit much to pay for getting through only a few uncomfortable nights every year. In a worst-case scenario we can always go down to the basement. It's always nice and cool down there!

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