Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool…

Reading my friends blogs and thinking “more posts? That’s cool”
Then I stop to think a minute and I paused right there
I realized that I thought that summer blogging challenge started on the 11th!!

(my apologies to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Aw, fucknuts. I guess I need to write something.

For the past few years in August, as the summer days slowly start drifting away and the inevitable tooth of darkness and winter gnaws at the daylight, I end up staring at the clock around 11pm.

Blinking cursor mocks my indecision on what to write.

This year I have couple of goals:

  • one Ruthenian/Rusyn post per week. Since my daughter was born, I’ve been looking for more ways to remember more of my first language and to teach it to her. I’ve also realized that I need to write down some of our family history.
  • A series on renovations. Planned: carpet removal and flooring installation and wall tiling. Pictures included. Is it a ploy to get myself to do the actual renovations? Hell yes.
  • One video post

I would also like to offer a challenge to anyone willing to accept it: Write one post in 3 word sentences or all one syllable words of 150 words or more.

Here are the this years gullible souls participants:

Zita of Ignite Strategic Solutions
Cliff of Peer Pressure Works
Tammy of Tam I Am
Peter of Crazy Wookie Cookies
Shaun of Expedition of Truths
Chad of The Daily Grind
Vlad of Analog Coast
Robb of Blogging Life (First casualty)
Kim of Nature Baby Bloggings
Liam of ln The Now
Natasha of Natural Urban Mamas
Earl of My Name is Earl (J. Woods)
Brad of Kick Me Out Soon

Good luck to everyone and may the blinking carets be moving for you with stunning clarity and speed of a jackrabbit.

Updated Aug 8, 2011 11:45 – First casualty report