Go towards the light

Sometimes the 9-to-5 starts feeling stale. The project turns from a bright, scenic, exciting adventure into a dark narrow crawlspace with a small flash of light in the distance. You hit the vacation button, two weeks go by and the dank crawlspace now seems more like a poorly lit tunnel. Not great, but it seems much better than before – and you had two weeks of bliss.

No daily reports, no clients, no teleconferences, no worries.

That is, if your vacation gets approved. Or in my case, not only do I get to do my work, but also the work of my colleagues that booked their vacations way in advance – before the delivery schedule got changed.

I also get told that “everyone should get to take their vacation when they want”, except me in this case. I get to slog through the catacombs for couple of months and “postpone” my vacation until beginning of September by which time this deliverable will be done.

So where am I headed? I’m heading out to see dinosaur bones; rhinos, giraffes, monkeys; hot springs, mountain vistas; to spend quite a few evenings sitting around a campfire with a beer in hand. I get to eat freshly picked fruit, take fun pictures and lose myself in a book.

I get to relax. Swim. Hike. Ride a mountain bike. Maybe even write some code for fun.

Three weeks and I’m free. I can see cracks in the ceiling and the fresh air is getting closer.

Oh, and the deliverable that I mentioned before? The schedule slipped again – to end of October.

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