On little breaks

Every morning and evening I get to take a break from regular life and take our dog Hank for a walk.

Some days it’s easy, some days it’s a bit harder. Sometimes every blade of grass requires a sniff. Sometimes it’s all about the destination. Sometimes it’s about the escape.

On our evening walks I’ve seen some incredible sights. Couple of ospreys fishing. Great Blue Heron at 30 paces. Lightning unzipping the clouds on the horizon. Train drowning out thunder. Unbridled joy of a good chase.

Taking some time to quiet my thoughts. Enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Getting a mini vacation.

3 replies on “On little breaks”

  1. Hank is pretty darn cute and soft. Dogs are great for making you have to get out of the house. I know it’s not always great but on a beautiful Alberta evening its awesome. We are lucky to be fairly close to the outskirts of the city so you get to see a bit of nature too!

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