Testing: 1… 2… 3

Is this thing on? Ahem. The fine people at MCSNet have hooked us back up. The pipes are flowing and bits and bytes are falling out of the sky to land in our various machines. What does that mean to you, the consumer of my writing? It means that it’s time, once again, for the […]

Wagons East!

“Are we really going to do this?” Kim asked me as we worked up the courage to take the plunge. “It looks like we’re really going to do this.” I tried to sound confident, but my heart wasn’t really in the performance. “See you on the other side.” The fact is, we both knew that […]

With Ten Keys Less

This post was motivated and fueled by the ideas set out in this blog post. I hate laptop keyboards. The Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard was passable, the one on my Dell Inspiron is almost passable. But I really hate them. I thought it was something about the lack of a number pad. I thought I used […]

You May Notice

There are times, during my commute, that I kill a little time by reading blogs and whatnot on my phone. Generally, this is not a good experience. I have to zoom and pan, squinting my eyes to see text that, while rendered correctly, was never meant to be read at that size. And if I […]

Blogging the New Job

With three weeks under my belt at the new job, I feel like I can talk about it some. Also, with the house on the market, and the night-time work of getting it ready to sell limited to tidying it up for the viewings the next day, I feel like I have some time to […]

Big News in Small Packages

Beginnings Today I started my new contract. I showed up and went through some paperwork with HR. Then, IT showed up to set up software on my computer. My computer that was running Windows or Mac OSX. Funny story: Up until that time, nobody had told me that I needed to bring my computer with […]

Beginnings and Endings

Late in 2005, I was restless. I was working at Halliburton and looking for a way out. I was happy to be employed, but every day brought problems that were urgent and boring, and problems that were important but beyond my meagre abilities. I was in a management position, knowing exactly how unprepared, inept, and […]

Lies in the House of Clean

In one of the many jobs I had after school, I worked the end of the main line at Flo Pak. The job was intense, mind-numbingly boring, and physically exhausting. I worked there over the course of 8 months one year and 4 months the next. I worked with a good crew. They worked hard, […]

A New Start

A fictitious Account Shock, startlement, disbelief. A trust had been broken. My site had been stepping out on me. Seeing someone else. I had no idea. It wasn’t until I got a semi-anonymous e-mail from someone working at Google that I even knew, and that was only because she got infected. We got her cleaned […]