CBC Radio

I have been listening to 740 radio in the van on the way to work lately, and there are some things I’ve heard that just make me shake my head:

Carl Heinz Schreiber: Why does the government keep him around? So that he can tease and pretend he has information he doesn’t really have in order to avoid extradition? It’s just ridiculous. All the political parties are ignoring what the guy is saying and are asking him questions to cover their own arses (Conservatives), or try to bury another party (Liberals/NDP).

I hate politics enough as it is but keeping this guy from facing what he deserves in Germany to further (or keep from un-furthering — whatever) your own political ambitions is cheesy and wrong. Shame on you, government of Canada.

Edmonton Schools get rid of junk food: So what? All that means is that all the fat kids are going to stop spending money in your school and are going to cross the street to the Mac’s, 7-11, George’s, whatever is there, and stay fat off of their food. And curse you for changing things.

One year under “Easy”Ed Stelmach: I have very little opinion of this. They say he’s poured a bunch of money into infrastructure, and that’s good. They say he’s not as charismatic as Ralph Klein. I think that’s good too. I’ve had enough of the smooth guy, making grandiose gestures and yelling drunkenly at homeless people.

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I am a winner!

Can’t see that? Try this one:
50000 words. Actually I made it to like 50036. Still, I did it. In one month.

In that same month, I also:

Had a computer die on me.
Reformatted another computer.
Released a version of our online banking software, which involved all kinds of big effort.
Traveled with Kim to Calgary.
Parented, actively, mind you.
Fought distraction after distraction.
Used, as my main writing computer, a laptop that’s around ten years old, has no internet connection and can only transfer files using my iPod.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Dangit NaNo!!!

I’ve been telling Nick a bedtime story off the top of my head and the idea is cool as heck. I want to write it but it has to wait! DANG!

Hurry up, 50000.

Hold on, key story. It’s been 13 years. You can wait another three and a half weeks. C’mon!

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Part one is done

Sometime in high school, I had some characters running around in my head for a story. So I wrote down some notes, intending to write the thing later.

Always later.

Through the second half of grade twelve, I wrote the first couple of chapters (some of which still exists). And I wrote more notes.

Those notes were added to over the next six or seven years but I never touched the main story. (later)

There was always a compelling reason not to work on the story itself. (Work, school, work, other stuff) Finally, I was working at Halliburton and I felt the need to write. So I wrote. I got a good portion of a story-arc done. Chunks of the story changed. Big chunks. But writing was still a struggle. It felt like I was holding the pen too tightly or something. So I went back to planning.

Finally, I read a write-up on a website that talked about how your inner-editor is the biggest impediment to writing a story.

The editor is very important during the editing phase, to be sure, but if you can’t shut him up while you’re creating, then you’ll never get anything done.

I don’t know how I did it but that voice is gone. (I hope I can get him back when I need him, though) and pages and words have flown by.

The other night, I finished part one. I know that I included the end of part 1 in the beginning of part 2 (more as a bolster for my NaNoWriMo word-count than anything else) but even the part of part 1 that was co-opted is done. Thirteen years of labour and my first one came out 129 pages long and weighing 35000 words. The next one should be closer to 50000 words and take much less than 13 years.

Exploding cigars all around.

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Local Election

First off: I hate elections. Not because it’s democracy in action. Not because I hate freedom. Not because I’m some communist pinko who just wants to be told what to think.

I hate elections because of the visual pollution every three metres down the side of every road in my neighbourhood.

I’m sorry Amarjeet Sohi, blah-blah McKenna, Stephen Mandel. There are others. I don’t remember them now but I’ll remember when I see them on the ballot. I saw your signs. I don’t like your signs. So I’m not voting for you.

I have a little more respect for Sohi than I do for others. He’s out on 50th street on the median, waving, pumping his fist in the air at passing motorists. It’s a little weird, I have to say. Is it an attempt to say “I don’t have to work! I can take the time to greet you on your way to your daily drudgery! Vote for me and I’ll use this time productively! Maybe!”

What I would like to see: Some minor politician campaigning by improving my life. Wanna be a city councillor? Fill some of those potholes that knock the hubcaps off of my wheels. Want to clean up the city? Start with the broken beer/malt-liquor bottles on every single corner in Millwoods. If you’re already in the middle of the road, Amarjeet, you could spend some time and pick up the garbage there, with your little buddy holding up your sign and pointing at you instead of bragging about your lack of anything better to do.

I just hope they clean up their signs after the election.