Miniature trees

Someone at work said that a Bonsai might be a good thing to fill up the new cubicle space that we have. I went to Home Depot, and they do have Bonsai trees. Unfortunately, the trees they sell are not that good. They look good on the first look, but they are actually half plastic, and dying. Plus the soil is covered by small gravel that is EPOXIED to the pot. Yuck

After Home Depot, I went to Chapters, read all of their Bonsai books (whole 7 of them) and then decided on the one with most beautiful pictures and pictures of making mini Bonsai. All the books have pretty much the same info.

It looks like I’ll have to make bonsai by myself. I’m taking this as a challenge.

Moo. Sizzle. Flash. Revelation

First BBQ of the year

I decided to have friends over today. Burgers, hot-dogs, smokies and good company.

It was a good BBQ. Everybody who was in town showed up, including Bryon who I haven’t seen in ages. The weather was crappy. It was drizzling the whole day, but just before people started to come in, it stopped and warmed up.

After that, we went inside, played chess and video games. I am quite rusty when it comes to chess. I lost both games I played in very short order. Çest la vive!

Photo shoot

Monique wanted to have good pictures of herself with short hair, so I obliged and did the photographer bit. She had a manual SLR camera, which I haven’t used in years. Fortunately, I remembered most of the lessons my dad taught me, and the photo shoot was on.

Monique’s instructions were: “I want them to look good!”, which didn’t put much confidence in me. A bit of mistrust, but I was confident. (Actually, I am confident most of the time, sometime even overconfident). The pictures were nowhere close to being spectacular. I just don’t have enough light in the house at night for photo shoot. Most of them turned out VERY dark (almost no background to speak of), but at least they were in focus. I need to work on my picture taking skills.

Fixing the wheels


Hot damn. I did it. I fixed my car door.

I came home from work (I know I work too much) and noticed that my speakers went “khrk” when I opened the door. I took apart the link between the door and the body and what did I see? Four out of seven wires were worn clean through. About 20 minutes later, I had new 7 wires and all of them wrapped in the protective coat of hockey tape (Hey, It’s Canada, eh! :))

Now I can close my sunroof without having the engine running. Cool.

Old Friends part two

In the evening I went to Dusan’s place. I laughed my gut off. He has the most incredible stories, and he tells them well.

Agreed to go camping later on in the summer with him

New office furniture; Old friends reappear

Our office renovations are almost done

Today we got new cubicles. We got new seating partners. We got more room. We got a lot.

Now we will have to prove that we’re worth it. You might think that it doesn’t matter, but it does to me.

I have the window seat, looking out onto the parking lot. The cube is a mess right now. Boxes strewn everywhere, everything looking like the bomb fell.

Monday we will get more settled in and do work. I think it will be much better environment for work now.

Should you look back?

Wednesday I got a call from Dusan, a good friend from the dance troupe. He is celebrating a birthday this Saturday, and he invited me.

I am going to accept, of course, because he has been a very good friend. Unfortunately, there is a bit of baggage with that whole package.

I quit the dance troupe over a year ago at my own volition.

I was fed up with the workload that I had to put up with. I was expected to do everything. I was the perpetual volunteer. After putting in a year of hard work and dedication, my name got dragged through the mud and I didn’t appreciate that.

Dusan had nothing to do with that, but one of his current (and former mine) friend did the dragging.

Anyhow, I’m going to his birthday tomorrow, and she is going to be there.

Fuck her.

I’m going to enjoy myself, celebrate his birthday, and apologize to no one.

Recharging batteries; Parties galore


I slept till 3pm. What a lazy ass. On the other hand, I feel a bit more rested.


Three parties for an evening. I didn’t believe it! First Dean, who bought his new condo; then Dusan and Mira’s birthday party; Monique‘s house gathering.

I’m liking this. There should be more parties in the future :)))

Yay for partying

Exhaustion and Car repairs


Last night I coded until 5am. Quite stupid of me, considering that I had to go to work at 9am. Whoopee, whole 3 hours of sleep. Not only did I do that, but then put in another 8.5 hours at work. I felt like a zombie.

Thank god for Jolt and other caffeine laden products. By 4pm I was buzzing. Unfortunately, caffeine has this nasty side-effect that it makes you sleepy after your body starts to metabolize it. Around 6:30-7pm I was almost out

It would all be kosher if I went to bed, but I decided that screwing up my sleeping pattern is not worth it, so I proceeded to clean my car.

I cleaned both front and back windshields, and was disgusted at the amount of crap on them. It should be better now. I took out Armour-all, and started shining the black moulded plastic in the car. Having finished (most) of that, I realized I should take a look why my door doesn’t disarm my alarm anymore and doesn’t let me close my sunroof.

I had the brilliant idea of doing CAR REPAIRS!! (Remember, I’m in severely exhausted state)

Car repair

The plan of attack was as such:

  1. Remove any knobs protruding from the door
  2. Remove paneling
  3. Inspect wiring
  4. If possible, fix wiring
  5. Replace paneling
  6. Replace knobs
  7. Save about 150-200 bucks

Good plan, right? If I was a mechanic and did this for a living, probably. But since I’m a programmer, taking the car apart is not as easy.

Removing the knobs went (sort-of) smoothly. I figured out how to remove the door lock knob (It unscrews), and the mirror adjustment knob (It pulls off). When It came to removing the window crank, I hit a snag. The crank doesn’t twist off (I tried) nor does it slip off (Tried that too). After 30 minutes of fighting with the crank, it turns out that the little ring under the crank is a locking washer, and you just push it back and the crank is released. Neat!

Now that the knobs were off, time to take the paneling down. It was fastened by 6 relatively tiny screws. Took me about 10 minutes to remove them, since I didn’t have proper tools. The screws were Allan type, and I didn’t have Allan screwdriver. After I removed those six screws, the panel still wouldn’t come off.

After (another) 20 minutes of inspection and tugging, I realized that there must be more hidden screws.

Out came the speaker, and the door handle cover. Lo and behold, seven more screws. These guys didn’t leave much to chance.

After taking those screws out, I got to the treasure. The inside of the door (Hey don’t mock it, it took me a good hour and a half to get to this point), only to realize that I could have reached the lock from the outside by loosening one screw. Mind you, this way I got a really good look at the insides of the door, and was able to get the door back together later on. Seeing that I could do nothing, I put the door back together (much quicker that taking it apart) and decided to take my car to the repair shop.

Maybe I should try to do the 90,000km maintenance by myself. Replacing a belt shouldn’t be too hard.

Good Reds

Dionysus we greet you

During the wonderful run of canasta, we opened couple of bottles of wine. Earthy and peppery Merlot, a lighter homemade red – bordering on blush, nice Australian bin 444 Cabernet Sauvignon and a White Zinfandel for the “kiddies”

It was the battle of the sexes. Guys against girls. X versus Y. Bastards versus bitches. We squeaked out a win due to timely picking up of the pile. If you do not know how to play canasta, you won’t get it.

It is nice to be with friends.

Work, the running commentary

Our cubicles are in. New furniture for the office has cost $120,000. That is a lot of money. At least it looks nice. I disagree with the choice of colours. Dim greens, yellows and purples do not really brighten the office. Maybe it’s just me.

Game 4 of the Oilers – Stars series (updated)


Woke up, went to work…

Hockey game

I was there with full “war” paint on. It was amazing. We won in overtime after losing our captain, Doug Weight. From time to time the arena seem to quiet down, but then I realized that I was going deaf from the volume. Shouting became the only means of communication.
After the game, my voice was gone.

Several hours later, it came back. Lucky

Easter Monday – Another insomnia extravaganza

Veeerryyy early morning…

It’s 3am again, and I’m sitting in front of the computer. At least this time it’s relatively productive. Yep, I’m writing this drivel. (and the journal management code)
It might even be useful later on 🙂

New possible funny movie

Just checked out trailers for Evolution. They look quite funny. It even might be worth seeing in the expensive theatres. It’s the same director as Ghostbusters, and I busted a gut on that one
Which reminds me. I haven’t been to the theatres in ages. The last movie that I thought was worth seeing was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I haven’t seen anything since. And this is coming from a guy who used to see EVERY movie that came out
Mind you, not that I enjoy paying $12 for a ticket and another $8-$10 for popcorn and a drink. Theatres bite


I’m going to bed. It might be a busy day today.


Got woken up by a telemarketer. Don’t they know people are sleeping? 🙂 Ok, me sleeping is my fault, but I don’t like them.

Cool business card!

I was cruising when I noticed the creator posted his business card. Check out the “title” 🙂


Gone to see a movie – 3,000 Miles to Graceland @ cheap theatres


I’m going overboard with this journal thing 🙂 Movie was gold. Kevin Costner should do more bad-ass movies. He makes such a good villain.


Made adjustments to the colours of the journal bars. Now they look quite a bit better

Easter Sunday

Journal is finally active

I finished writing the journal code. Still couple of finishing touches needed, but overall it works

Hockey game

Oilers-Stars 2:3 F/OT
Amazing game. Oilers lost on bad luck. It’s going to be a barn burner on Tuesday