You Can Have Your Party Too

I’ve got something to say to all the people out there who keep saying that All Lives Matter and Straight Pride and White Power or white-specialist interest groups are not allowed to happen. You know, all you people who are physically threatening the diligent members of a hard-bitten downtrodden majority. If you’ve ever passed a […]

Long Road Back – intro

Something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Life-altering and not for the better. It was all very public and very publicized. If you lived in the area at that time, you’ve probably heard about me and my family. The search parties even got some national coverage, though that didn’t help. My wife and daughter are still missing. […]

Page 2

Wherein the protagonist offers to fist-fight the narrator for the rest of his fries Because fries, you see, are the economy that drives the majority of this story, it is important that you know that John, upon waking, had none of the fries in his possession any longer. In the parlance of the time, John […]

Friendship – 20 to 40 Gratitudes Part 12

I don’t have any memory of a life when I didn’t know Robert Leddy. Playing with him was fun before I even had a concept of friendship. Hell, he helped me DEFINE friendship. Years of calling his house to see if he was home before sprinting out the door and knocking on his door, probably […]

Leveling Up – 20 to 40 Gratitudes Part 11

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I’m guessing that old chestnut came from somewhere more poignant than the Zorro movie with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins, but that’s where I know it from. Gustavo came onto the online banking team a couple months after I joined it. He was flashy. He commanded […]

Strap On the Pads – 20 to 40 Gratitudes Part 9

I know I’ve mentioned Coach Campbell on this blog before. I’m not sure if it was before the holocaust of 2012 or not, but even if his name is still kicking around here somewhere, it bears repeating. Coach Campbell single-handedly destroyed my scouting career with promises that I’d be allowed to strap on the football […]