With the abundance that only people on the internet can generate, there seem to be a dozen articles for each side of every argument ever made. And now, it seems like the cool thing to do is deride these articles by calling them thinkpieces. “Why I Won’t be Reading Your Harper Lee Thinkpiece,” “Your Confederate […]

There’s a Song Title In There Somewhere

Been Away Too Long It seems like just yesterday that I was walking away from my 20-to-39 challenge after getting completely sidetracked from it and overwhelmed by it. I posted an explanation for my failure, but then never really got back to it. And then that was it. No blog activity since April. Always On […]

git commander / blessed

What crazyness is this, I say about git-commander. That’s incredible, it’s a terminal? How does this even work? *browse code* Wait, where’s all the code? what’s this require… WHAT IS BLESSED. OMG!!!?!! This is a thing!? The state of the art is my childhood. This is insanity…. or awesomeness… If I could find a turbo […]

So This is Adieu

What better way to close things off than with a headline using a French word? Nobody saw that coming! HAHA! So, here’s the deal. At the end of this month, my current web host is going out of business. And yeah, I could jump to a different host and keep going, but the more I’ve

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Have you ever wanted to see a movie with Viking women armed with automatic weapons? Perhaps you want to see Hitler as a Kung Fu master? Maybe you’ve always thought that dinosaurs were cool, and just wished they could fight robots. And hey, what if there was a movie starring a guy who looks like

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New Shinies!

Oh hai, new graphics card! That’s a GTX 970. One of them is now in my computer. This pleases me. It came before work, so I uninstalled my existing drivers, swapped out my old card for this one, plugged everything back in, started up and… …the monitor stayed in power saver mode, because the card

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What in the Actual Hell?!

I am kinda without words. So prepare for some off-the-cuff ad libbing. Seriously, what the Hell? Did Alberta wake up today and for the first time realize that there are other political parties out there?! WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE?! I don’t even have anything to rant about! Now we can look forward to watching Jim

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Cooking With Dad : Uh…Something?

Chickpeas. Cucumber. Celery. Onion. Mayonnaise. Dill. Seed mustard. Something with a bit of heat. Is this a salad? A side dish? A cry for help? I don’t know what to think of this, except that it’s awful. This monstrosity is clashing with itself, and my mouth is the battlefield. I cannot bring myself to shovel

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You’ve won a trip to…Edmonton?

Yep, it has actually happened. The Price is Right has hit the skids. Welcome to the bottom of the barrel, game shows. You’re now handing out vacations to Edmonton, Alberta like it’s an amazing prize. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And what is going on with that background image for her

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Tearing off the Band-Aid

I’m supposed to be hip-deep in a blogging challenge. I’m supposed to be filling your idle surfing time with amusing anecdotes like the time I entered a bachelor auction, or the time that I got headbutted in the stomach so hard that half my stomach was black and hard like bone to touch for a […]