More Occupational Babblings

Yes, it’s a follow up. Actually, it’s probably going to consist of nothing more than a short update on the work situation, and then me going off, and doing some needed venting about a couple of newbs that started recently, and who I would really like to ‘accidentally’ hurl in to an engine ingestion zone while it’s spooled up. (Note : Yes, it is actually referred to as the ingestion zone. I find this morbidly hilarious. In fact, upon hearing this description during the training class, I burst in to laughter.)

Too much politics

So now it’s my turn to spout off. Not because I have any special insights but because, dammit, one person contributing to a collaborative website makes me cry. And dammit, this rant doesn’t belong on "In The Now".

So there are fires in San Diego. That’s bad. People are being evacuated. A member of my development team have been forced to move out of their homes and now have no idea whether their house still stands because he’s riding it out in Las Vegas with family. (Honestly, whose family lives in Las Vegas? What, is he related to Donald Trump, or Wayne Newton?) So now I have to hear about football players spouting off.

Per PFT: Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson said Wednesday, "Thank God it burned all the way around my house, but it didn’t get my house. My house stayed intact."

Yes, LaDainian, God protected your house. It is your overwhelming devotion to God that kept him from destroying your personal possessions.

I realize that Thank God has become a buzz word for anyone who’s even remotely thankful for anything. I use it on occasion. However, when it appears that all of the houses around him have been razed to the ground by a freak natural occurrence, and he’s the one who’s lucky enough to have his house intact, it seems a little trite and superior. You’ve got what, three zillion dollars in the bank? Think maybe God would spare a house or two for people who can’t afford to lose them? Think maybe God didn’t have anything to do with saving your house?

Honestly, get over yourself.
"Oh, but my stuff’s still there, so that’s good." Maybe show a little more community spirit, show some sympathy for those people who lost everything instead of thanking the almighty for sparing your PS3 and pictures of your cat.

Fucking rich people think it’s all about them.

the end of an era…or a new beginning?!

Yeah, what a ghastly title that was. I hate titles. they’re fucking afterthoughts for me.

anyway, so, tonight shall be the trial run of Red Robin as the new meeting place for our little band, so, seeing as I was bored as fuck, I composed a little story in my email to people, and just thought I’d share it, because, as stated, I am bored, and it will fill time. So, enjoy, or not.

Oh, and I WILL be getting coffee…they better have good coffee!