Impetus for Change

For any constant readers who don’t know, I’ve accepted a job offer and I’m moving on from Haemonetics. Moving on, once again, from Bisonweb. In order to do so, I’ve had to come to terms with how things ended at Gamesys, and basically, and as stupid as it sounds, had to forgive the notion of […]

On Writing

Well, if that title doesn’t dissipate the cloak of humility I usually try to wear, I can’t imagine anything else would either. Now that it’s out of the way, I can get to what I want to say. I’ve meant to be a better writer than I am. I’ve meant to be more consistent in […]

Rescuing, Fostering, and Other Acts of Heroism

It started, for me at least, with good feeling. I learned about Zoe’s Animal Rescue through a friend who was fostering one of their dogs. Kim was maybe, possibly interested in adopting him. I wasn’t incredibly against it either. We could give a dog a good home, especially since we’d moved out to the country. […]

My Friend Cliff

We grew up playing countless games of street hockey, football, tennis, even baseball. I totally forgive him for breaking my nose with a baseball bat the day of grade nine graduation (mostly because it was totally my fault). Apart from sports, we’ve worked together on a lot of things: we’ve been writing partners, we’ve been […]


I was too young. Then, I had my head in the sand. I honestly believed that racism, hatred, and xenophobia were on the sharp decline. I thought that things like, y’know, gender equality, and acceptance of LGBTQ were, if not here, at least inevitable. I have to face it: I was naïve. I was doing […]

You Can Have Your Party Too

I’ve got something to say to all the people out there who keep saying that All Lives Matter and Straight Pride and White Power or white-specialist interest groups are not allowed to happen. You know, all you people who are physically threatening the diligent members of a hard-bitten downtrodden majority. If you’ve ever passed a […]