Houston Texans, 2014

The sun has set on the 2014 NFL regular season. 12 teams get ready for the playoffs, but 20 other teams are blinking back the tears of disappointment and focusing their energy on the 2015 entry draft, free agency, and, eventually, the 2015 regular season. Among those teams cast adrift from the schedule are the […]

The 2014 Goal-post

Some time last year, I decided that, while 2013 had been the year of reading, 2014 was going to be the year of writing. After all, if I’d managed to dedicate a year to reading and had it pay off that well, I could do the same thing with writing, right? As it turns out, […]

Onward and Upward

Last night, I posted about starting to teach introductory programming to some homeschoolers. I’m really excited about it, and I’m looking forward to using my programming skills to do something more than just putting food on the table. In the same line of thinking, I was pondering a way to make more use of the […]

Ruthenian Children’s Rhymes with Translations – Вари баба кашу

Silly little songs for little kids. Recorded for my own benefit and hopefully for posterity. Вари баба кашу Grandma’s cooking porridge (описує ше круг на дланї) Вари баба кашу, вари (тримаюци палєц коло велького пальца) тому дала, (тримаюци штреднї палєц) тому нєдала, (тримаюци палєц коло малого пальца) тому дала, (тримаюци малого пальца) тому нєдала, (провадзуюци […]