Real Writers

Have you ever wanted something so bad, like SO BAD, but you just couldn’t figure out how to get started? I mean, like if they just had a tutorial or something, but even that’s not working, and you just want into the club so hard? I’ve been there. Barrier to Entry I wanted to make […]

Goals and Focus

I’ve talked ad nauseum over the years about goals, personal development, and what I think it takes to achieve goals. I’ve talked about a willingness to be terrible in the beginning, the decision to dedicate time to getting better, and the elimination of distractions in the pursuit of improvement. One thing I struggle with, and […]

Job Hunting

This is one of those catch-up posts where, normally, I’d apologize for not posting more often, wring my hands, and hope that you’ll forgive me. But it turns out that I’m not worried so much anymore about posting on a schedule or making sure that I have something up. I don’t really know how many […]

Cutting My Losses

Have you ever had a brain fart of such magnitude that you worry you were hit on the head and didn’t notice, or maybe there’s something pressing on your brain and you experience periodic memory loss? My mother-in-law calls them senior’s moments, but I don’t think I’m old enough for that yet. Taking a Spin […]

Me and the Double-B

A Brief History of Time Robb Reid (a.k.a, the Double-B) and I have worked together on and off since 2008, and on the auspicious occasion of his first day at a new job, I figured that I would chronicle our adventures together. 2008 – A Meeting of the Minds I started at Haemonetics, after leaving […]

Tearing off the Band-Aid

I’m supposed to be hip-deep in a blogging challenge. I’m supposed to be filling your idle surfing time with amusing anecdotes like the time I entered a bachelor auction, or the time that I got headbutted in the stomach so hard that half my stomach was black and hard like bone to touch for a […]


[Yesterday I talked about being hypnotized in front of a crowd. –l] Yes, I had classes that first year. Every year, in fact. In the first semester, I started off more than a little scared. I mean, when I graduated high school, I had reasonably good marks in English and Social Studies, but my science […]

You Are Getting Sleepy

[Yesterday I talked about the house we lived in during my first year. At some point I’ll get to talking about the actual school. –l] Up until now, just from reading this blog series, you might think that my university days were just sports, coaster-fights, and manual labour. But it was a well-rounded experience. After […]

“I’m Liam”

[This is part 2 of a blog series from University experience. Part 1 is from the time I decided I could no longer hack it as a labourer and needed to exploit my brain instead of my ailing back. –l] Decision made, I needed to find a place to live. Fortunately, as I mentioned, I […]