A Dubious Anniversary

Six years ago today, everything started to go downhill. I’ll grant that things weren’t helped by the passing of my mother on the 25th of February, that year. I was sad, but I was processing. My family was supportive, and I had a good and productive job that I worked with a bunch of like-minded […]

New Year’s Eve, 2014

I see a lot of posts about how bad 2014 was as a year. I will admit that there were an awful lot of tragedies this year, and a lot of forgettable, regrettable, and otherwise unhappy bullshit. But there was a lot of good, as well. I don’t want to go through a pro-and-con list […]


Where, oh where, has the time gone? It feels just like yesterday that I was finishing off my Summer Blog Challenge and getting ready for the fall. Now, it’s December 14 and we’re just about ready to fall into Christmas. That’s 14 days of NaNoWriMo hangover. You see, I won NaNoWriMo for the first time […]


[note — It is the very height of narcissism for me to believe that I have anything to contribute to the conversation about Ferguson. However, I have opinions, I pay to host this site, and I can’t stop thinking about that whole situation, so I’ll write it. You can skip this if you like. It’s […]

The Third Thing I Am

Career choices are a funny thing. I wasn’t thinking about a career as a programmer when I decided to go to university. I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to be a professional writer, and I knew that the University of Lethbridge was a school that had a journalism transfer to Saskatoon. Little did […]

Dear Old Golden-rule Days

In a week, I’m going to be teaching for the first time ever. I’ve agreed to teach a small group of kids an introduction to programming. I love learning. I love teaching. I think that teaching has the opportunity to teach the person in the instructor role as much as it does the one on […]

A Nine-Year-Old Miracle

Twelve years ago, I was a student. I was living in a basement suite, just having completed the summer session. I was gearing up for the last semester before I was done. Everything was aimed at that. Eleven years ago, I was engaged to Kim. We had loose plans about a house, but nothing firm. […]


[Note: This cop-out post comes after a ten-hour day at work, Scouts night and a bed time that ended near 10pm. –l] CSS layout for one form: 13 hours Dropdown population from a properties file: 6 hours and counting Javascript interactions between form fields: pending Data validation: pending There are certainly days that are more […]

Books and Books

There are books, you know, the kind that you buy that have words in them. They entertain us, they give us knowledge, and insights. They are wonderful. I have that kind of book-buying problem. Then there are the other kind of books. You know the ones. They often come with horizontal blue lines on every […]

Za Vashe Zdorovie

Way back in 2008, I was in pretty good shape. Not at the beginning of the summer or before that — I was carrying too many pounds and was having serious troubles with my back — but toward the end of summer. I spent the summer playing soccer and riding my bike to work, and […]