Зламала ше кормань деска

I’ve been singing Ruby to sleep lately. The repertoire so far has included some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Barenaked Ladies, Djordje Balašević (a post for another time) and one of my favourite songs from my childhood: Plow steering board has broken Here is a video of this particular song being performed by my mom’s cousin’s […]

Ruthenian Children’s Rhymes with Translations – Вари баба кашу

Silly little songs for little kids. Recorded for my own benefit and hopefully for posterity. Вари баба кашу Grandma’s cooking porridge (описує ше круг на дланї) Вари баба кашу, вари (тримаюци палєц коло велького пальца) тому дала, (тримаюци штреднї палєц) тому нєдала, (тримаюци палєц коло малого пальца) тому дала, (тримаюци малого пальца) тому нєдала, (провадзуюци […]