The end of Ultimate

Summer season of Ultimate is done and I’m feeling a bit sad. My throws and play reads are finally getting consistent. The team is getting decent “flow” in the game. We’re doing awesome on defense. As with every season, first couple of games were atrocious. I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds before gasping for […]

On little breaks

Every morning and evening I get to take a break from regular life and take our dog Hank for a walk. Some days it’s easy, some days it’s a bit harder. Sometimes every blade of grass requires a sniff. Sometimes it’s all about the destination. Sometimes it’s about the escape. On our evening walks I’ve […]

Run Away

I wish there was money in savings to head on a vacation.  Nothing extraordinary, a few days in Disney World would be just about right.  Really, I  just want to get away.  Two years ago when we went, there was some whining spells and such, but really, it was a nice break from life.  Break […]

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

I know that you read my blog.  I have so much I want to tell you, but mostly I wish I could hug and comfort you.  I have never been through what you are going through right now, so I won’t preach that I know what you’re going through, I don’t, but I know what […]

Of Rights and Wrongs

I believe in democracy. I think it is important that people have a say in who gets to tell them what to do. I don’t have a better solution than the current system. That doesn’t mean that I like the system that is in place.
Signs clutter the sides of roads. […]

Because of Her

I have no idea how many candles have been lit tonight because of Katie. I don’t think there is a way to know, but I do know it’s more than I thought. There are all of those from the comment section in my last post Light it up, but the word of mouth numbers I […]

Nothing. What’s up with you?

I knew that when the blogging challenge was over, my blogging would go back to sporadic, but I didn’t intend it to be like this.
In an attempt to undo the damage that not blogging and not blogging has caused, I am going to update you on what I have been doing.
I have been…

Pumping Iron

I threw […]

P90X Update

My schedule and my feelings about it so far:
Day 1 – Chest and Back
Pushups and pull ups.  I was using honey jars for weights, since I didn’t actually own any, other than Kim’s small guys.  I have since remedied this situation.  I felt good doing this one, felt like throwing up after, but it was […]