Impetus for Change

For any constant readers who don’t know, I’ve accepted a job offer and I’m moving on from Haemonetics. Moving on, once again, from Bisonweb. In order to do so, I’ve had to come to terms with how things ended at Gamesys, and basically, and as stupid as it sounds, had to forgive the notion of […]

Something New

Yesterday, I talked about my desire to do my evening development while Lily goes to sleep and the steps I took to make that happen. Today, my new laptop showed up. Actually, we almost missed the delivery. Kim was heading out to run some errands and visit with some friends at the park. As she […]

I Love the Night Life

Since I was probably in grade 5, I’ve been a night person. Summer vacations, where my bedtime was largely unmonitored by my mom, who had a day job, saw me stretching bedtime again and again, until, by the end of summer, I would have to stay up all night and all the next day, just […]

Sleeping on the Job

Sleep when you’re dead. Come on. Come out. So what if you’re tired? It’s just for a little while. I know you have to work in the morning. but you can make it up on the weekend. These tried and true sayings have been thrown around since the dawn of time to make people do […]

80-Pound Bake

I’ve never been good at admitting incompetence. I like to imagine that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. I just have to try hard enough. There are two exceptions to this rule, apparently. The first is calculus. Calculus and I are old enemies. Granted, it was co-ordinate geometry before I […]

A One-Legged Man in a Kicking Contest

Misconceptions have a habit of dropping dead to the ground when confronted by the cold reality of the truth. I’d just finished a job at Canadian Tire, having taken a moral stand and started at Venger Electrostatic Paint Company. Jason, a neighbour from down the road, and another neigbour from a neigbourhood a couple of […]

Queer Introductions

The pipe yard where I’d broken Steve’s nose, the first day, the foreman was explaining to me about how intimidating the forklifts can be and how they take a little getting used to. I was okay with them, though, and didn’t see why they would be a big deal. Eventually, I was placed on a […]

Steve’s Broken Nose

Steve was one of two Steves at Miller. The one thing was, though, that he was a little annoying. He automatically was the authority on whatever he was talking about. He immersed himself in whatever subject interested him. Obsessed about it until he was spouting quotes left and right from whatever source interested him. It […]

The Other Shoe

Life is good. I want, I can honestly say, for nothing. I have a wonderful wife, three great kids, a fulfilling career that is challenging but that I do well at. I live in a wonderful rural setting that provides an ideal location to raise my children and enough room to accommodate us. I hear, […]

Bisonweb Update

The thought was, when I became a contractor, that I would sign with Haemonetics and spend two or three years with them, working on the DoD project and eventually moving on in 2011 or 2012. That didn’t happen. Instead, I found myself scrambling for another job when the contract and the project were both cut […]