I don’t mind working overtime. Schedules are part of the job and when you fall behind, it’s something you can do to help you catch up. I didn’t mind it when I was salaried, and now that I’m earning an hourly rate, it’s even better. I’m tired. Maybe extending my day by starting it earlier […]

My Problem, Not Yours

Hey, how’ve you been? I’ve been busy. There’s always a slight feeling of guilt and sheepishness when I write a blog post after a long layoff. It isn’t to say that I haven’t had anything to say, or haven’t wanted to post. But it’s been a beast. The truth is, work is holding my head […]

Goals vs. Reality

I spend a lot of time thinking of things I want to do. At the beginning of the year, I made a list of goals. I didn’t write them down or anything that anyone who has reasonable expectations of meeting their goals does, but I have a pretty good memory for things like this. So […]

While We’re Waiting

So, a lot of things have been changing for me lately. I’ve touched on them, sometimes at length, on this blog, but it’s finally feeling real. It’s starting to feel less like we’re house-sitting and more like we’re in our own home. It’s starting to feel like I own a car, rather than borrowing someone […]

Big News in Small Packages

Beginnings Today I started my new contract. I showed up and went through some paperwork with HR. Then, IT showed up to set up software on my computer. My computer that was running Windows or Mac OSX. Funny story: Up until that time, nobody had told me that I needed to bring my computer with […]

Five Minutes

Why is it that whenever someone asks you for help with something, they only need “five minutes” of your time? I’m not sure about you but any time someone asks me for help, it’s always for something that will take far longer than five minutes to resolve…

Working For The Weekend

I’ve spent five and a half years as a professional developer, eight and a half in an office setting, and twelve years over all in the workforce. I remember when I was working my second job, in a pipe yard in Nisku, that I was overwhelmed with good feeling about the team I worked with. I’ve had that feeling, though not as strongly, at nearly every place I spent more than one or two daysContinue reading the storyWorking For The Weekend