Tales of the Vacation–Part 5

Phone Call #8

RCMP Corporal: There are no laws about having to be nice or polite, how to behave or that you’re required to have manners.

Me: That is true.

RCMP Corporal: Is "You’re going to regret it" a threat? Or "You’ll get it!"? By dictionary definition, yes it is. By legal definition it unfortunately it isn’t. "See this knife,  I’m going to stab you in the heart with it" is a credible threat.

Me: Makes sense. And he hasn’t said anything like that yet.

RCMP Corporal: And in the end it’s a civil matter and we [RCMP] won’t get involved. If we did get involved in settling residential disputes we could spend our whole days doing just that.

Kim pulled away the book case and behind it we found a tiny little hallway with a room and a bathroom attached to it. It was the secret passage from the movies! That was the highlight of the trip.

Living room, master bedroom and ensuite all have sliding doors and access to the deck overlooking the small island with seals and bald eagles on it. The deck itself is huge and quite private.

The kitchen has all the latest and top of the line appliances, albeit from the ’70s when the house was built.

Large beluga whale, carved from maple, hangs above the couch in the living room and another driftwood carving of a native face decorates the other wall.

It’s an amazing place – Jacuzzi tub in the ensuite, hot tub on the deck and a new BBQ.