Ultimate ending…

Today was our last ultimate game. Kim and I played on a team called Nicely Stacked. Most of the teams have some play on words on some terminology.

Our team was a ton of fun. I think we won one or two games, most of the games we lost were by quite a margin and we were in the lowest tier. And week after week, we had more fun that the teams we played against that were "into it".

It is very off putting to hear someone’s team member say "Run you fucking idiot!" or "You’re fucking stupid" or to see them give out assignments to people where they KNEW they were never going to get the disc. That is just not cool.

Our team motto was "have fun". And we did. Every sideways shoe (five points) that we’ve scored were celebrated. Every nice play, ours or other teams, was cheered.

Today, I got the spirit award for the game. It was the second time this season, and both times I ended up with some Fruity Mentos!

We have one last tournament on Sunday, and I can’t wait until next year to play on the same team.