I was watching a show the other day where a guy was talking about a website he started called      He said he did it because at the time he was going through a rough patch and had to remind himself of life…

Musical Musings

I’m working (off and on) on a post cataloging my musical history. You’ll get it when I finish. Currently I’m struggling with the junior high/high school transition. When did I stop listening to this and start listening to that? Anyway, this is a short post about my musical present and future. I listened to Adele 21 (on Cliff’s recommendation) and I liked it very much. I listened to some new-to-me Opeth album (Blackwater Park) asContinue reading the storyMusical Musings

In your Face book

Social Media.  Such an odd world we live in nowadays.  I see lots of great uses of social media and I see more that make me give my head a shake.  A few of my friends have their facebook pages, they share some pics of themselves and thei…

The Genesis of Books

Awhile back, Tammy provided inspiration for me to plumb the depths of my musical genesis. One of these days, I will actually write that post. Since then, however, I read a thread on my favourite book forum talking about the same idea for books. I thought it was such a good idea, I ripped it off. Here, then, is my bibliographical journey. It isn’t an itemized list of every book I’ve ever read (see goodreads.comContinue reading the storyThe Genesis of Books

Leviathan Wakes – James SA Corey

I mentioned, a few posts back, that I bought a copy of The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham, and got a free ARC of Leviathan Wakes. I have since finished both books. I enjoyed The Dragon’s Path, but didn’t feel particularly moved to write about it. There are two types of books I enjoy above all others. To nobody who reads this blog’s surprise, Fantasy is one of them. The other is detective novels. IContinue reading the storyLeviathan Wakes – James SA Corey

The Parent I Want to Be

I think I do a pretty good job as a parent. However, coming into this whole game, there were some expectations I had about the kind of parent I would be. A lot of it came from a place of naivety, some from inexperience, and some was just not realistic for whatever reason. Here, for your enjoyment is an itemized idealization. That is, a list of parent-I-want-to-be items. Enjoy: The Parent I Want To BeContinue reading the storyThe Parent I Want to Be