Tales of an Absentee Blogger

You probably haven’t seen much of me lately. I haven’t been the most consistent online presence, that’s for sure. “But Liam,” you say, half-mockingly, “you’ve never been a consistent online presence.” Fair enough, imaginary devil’s advocate. But I’ve been trying. I had a pretty good spring, but aside form a couple of posts here and there, I’ve kinda let the ol’ blog down. That’s not gonna change right away. I’m trying to get through theContinue reading the storyTales of an Absentee Blogger

Bird is the Word

So today is our first day of vacation – so nice to sleep in and not have to do the drive into the crap ass Edmonton downtown core.  The weather is really nice out and we took a nice walk to a coffee shop for some lunch. 1 of the 3 babies in o…

Google Plus: The New Facebook, or The New New Myspace

When it comes to social networking, a question that one should ask is, “How much is enough?” I walked away from Facebook because of diarrhea of the feed. I was reading people’s statuses. I didn’t really know them, their stories were not important to me. Their in-app game achievements were even less important to me. Yet I read it. Why? Out of a sense of obligation? That’s entirely possible. So, how much is enough? HowContinue reading the storyGoogle Plus: The New Facebook, or The New New Myspace