Summer Blog Challenge 2011

OK blog, I’m really indifferent towards you and you’re just a collection of bits somewhere and are thus incapable of forming an opinion of me, so let’s just get through this challenge and I’ll get back to neglecting you as soon as it’s over.

So! Summer blog challenge! YEAH!

For those of you that already know me, you can expect more of the same crap from last year.

For those of you that don’t: you can expect bits of pearly wisdom (or thinly-veiled personal attacks, take your pick) sprinkled amongst posts about gaming (video or otherwise), I.T. (web design/development), personal reflection (possibly; Cliff got all touchy-feely last year, I’ll see if I can follow his shining example) and other things that have nothing to do with raising children.

Summer Blog Challenge – The Particip-Ants

Compiled here, for your summer blog challenge perusing pleasure (and for the creation of your own list/post/linky sections) is the comprehensive list of participants in the 2011 Summer Blog Challenge. As of the time of this initial posting, these are the blogs I believe are entered. There is still time to enter at this point, and some may not have a blog post up in time. I will adjust this list on August 09, 2011,Continue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge – The Particip-Ants


So let the blog challenge begin.  I don’t see this as so much a challenge against others but a challenge for myself to write a bit each day and get some thoughts out on er…well…not paper.What will I write about?  Well, I guess just miscel…