Our House

As far as updates go, this one will be pretty tame, I’m sure. Yesterday, it was made known that all employees will be required to work from home unless their job situation demands they remain in the office (site staff, reception, etc.) or they have a hardship where it is not possible for them to work from home. As I had already decided to work from home, and had created a space that was forContinue reading the storyOur House

Cook Yourself Thin

Today Shaun gave a weight loss update and many of the commentators also talked about their attempts at weight loss.  It’s interesting that these days many of us have weight to loose.  I suspect that all our modern day conveniences and sedenta…

Day 2 Summer Blog Challenge Digest

All the Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 09, 2011 Peter fawns over a ComiCon exclusive: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun updates his weight loss progress: Expedition of Truths Earl contemplates the Summer Blog Challenge: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita discloses why she does what she does: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad gives a living-situation update: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha gives coverage (and effort) to a very worthy cause: Natural Urban Mamas Kim discussesContinue reading the storyDay 2 Summer Blog Challenge Digest

Nice, Part II

Things aren’t seeming to get much better… yesterday was like tech Armageddon at our house.Concerning my computer, I managed to fuck it up even more (if that was even possible) by installing Windows on the wrong hard  drive (I have a solid-state …

They Think I’m Beautiful

These are the photos of me I like best.  Blurry photos, or ones that are highly over exposed. They wash out my flaws, or make them invisible with motion blur. I am a harsh critic. It’s why I almost never turn the camera on myself.  It’s why when others take photo’s of me I am […]