White Wedding

I first met Atti Kisch at a BBS user meet at Foodie Goodie (which I believe has since been renamed to Buffet Royale). He and some others, as far as I can remember, got obsessed with Jell-o. That was one million years ago. We hung out occasionally after that. He was notable for his slightly different speaking mannerisms, his love of disco, and his International Scout, a behemoth of a vehicle that Kyle, Atti, andContinue reading the storyWhite Wedding

Summer Blog Challenge Day 5 Digest

Summer Blog Challenge August 12, 2011 Peter makes some progress: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun explains what he is passionate about: Expedition of Truths Earl’s digestion digest: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita turns a corner at a crossroads: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad’s ailing back: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha wears it all on her sleeve: Natural Urban Mamas Kim appreciates the little things: Nature Baby Bloggings Cliff lets some air out of some over-inflatedContinue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge Day 5 Digest

I Tried

To write a post, but I didn’t really happen.I sat looking at the blinky cursor but nothing came to mind.Then some wild guildies appeared.And we pwnd some noobs.Sorry blogosphere, no meaning for you tonight.