The end of Ultimate

Summer season of Ultimate is done and I’m feeling a bit sad. My throws and play reads are finally getting consistent. The team is getting decent “flow” in the game. We’re doing awesome on defense. As with every season, first couple of games were atrocious. I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds before gasping for […]

Football Fight

Looking back on fps football pro recently made me think about my earliest experiences with computer games. My earliest memories of playing games on a computer, not a console, but an actual home computer, are of the Commodore VIC=20 we had when I was a small, small child. It had a cartridge port in the back, for fast-loading games. Gorf, Omega Race, and Pirate’s Cove are the three that I remember best. The VIC wasContinue reading the storyFootball Fight

Summer Blog Challenge Day 9 Digest

Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 16, 2011 Peter provides more than meets the eye: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun OH MY GOD NO SHAUN, NOOOOOOO!!!: Expedition of Truths Take Earl out to the ball game: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita appreciates life’s ironies: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad panics and blurts out the secrets of gaming profits: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha doubts the ergonomics and walking on water of a new carrier: NaturalContinue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge Day 9 Digest