SBC Reflections

This is my third year participating in the Summer Blog Challenge and I thought I’d spend a bit of time reflecting on it.Firstly, I applaud Liam’s push to get fresh meat on board for this year. It’s always interesting to be exposed to new ideas and get …

Summer Blog Challenge Day 17 Digest

Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 24, 2011 Peter puts a new coat on Iron Man: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun goes digging for treasure: Expedition of Truths Earl in a haunting self-portrait: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita thinks Everybody should get to work: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad uncovers some shady business practices: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha makes her case to Hollywood: Natural Urban Mamas Kim is happy: Nature Baby Bloggings Cliff hatesContinue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge Day 17 Digest