The Sound of Silence

A while back I mentioned that I had bought a new computer around the end of April. I love it. It’s fast and powerful but it had a dark side… a graphics card with a wonky fan controller.I tolerated it at the beginning, I (almost) convinced myself that…

Summer Blog Challenge Day 18 Digest

Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 25, 2011 Peter presents, from his newly tuned camera, Iron Man: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun knows a wooden nickel when he sees it: Expedition of Truths Earl defends and explains his taste in movies: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita’s night on the town: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad is Steamed: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha’s night on the town: Natural Urban Mamas Kim’s night on the town: NatureContinue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge Day 18 Digest