Summer Blog Challenge Day 19 Digest

All the posts for August 26, 2011 Peter takes his toys home: Crazy Wookie Cookies Shaun discusses human networking: Expedition of Truths Earl shows us his bad movies list: My Name is Earl (J. Woods) Zita introduces work/life balance: Ignite Strategic Solutions Brad tries not to sound sexist and comes up short: Kick Me Out Soon Natasha is intimidated into putting out a post: Natural Urban Mamas Kim provides tasty fuel to the family: NatureContinue reading the storySummer Blog Challenge Day 19 Digest

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly

[DISCLAIMER]I was given an advance copy of The Bullet through Netgalley, in return for an honest review.[/DISCLAIMER] I want to start off by saying all of the things that didn’t work for me in this book. I want to do this because there are a lot of things I did like, and I don’t want […]

Branching Out

Admittedly, World of Warcraft has dominated my video game playing for the last several years. There’s been a few ventures into other games, some of them MMOs, some of them console games, but WoW has been my mainstay for quite a while.Yesterday when I b…