Root Down

For nine months, I had a hole in my tooth. A nerve was exposed and even sharp intakes of breath would cause significant pain. I had to hold my tongue over the right side of my teeth when I drank cold water. If I wanted to rinse my mouth out, I had to warm the water up first. Today, they took care of that. They shot my mouth full of freezing and drilled, yanked, andContinue reading the storyRoot Down

Pitchin’ In

I spend most of the evening over at the Keller’s tonight helping them assemble their shed. It didn’t feel (or really look) like we accomplished much but they assured me that progress was made and that it was appreciated.I also got to be “uncle” for a s…

What We Stand to Lose

[NOTE: Recently, Cliff wrote a dynamite piece about the recent stir Jim Prentice kicked up with his impromptu comments on looking in the mirror or tightening belts. Cliff’s stance on how to look at the comments is enlightening. With an election probably looming, I wanted to take an opportunity to inform you as to some […]