On passion…

Lately my day to day work has been tedious and quite unrewarding. Yet every morning I start the day and try to do the best that I can. Frequently, as of late, it seems like a waste.

So, as Kim eloquently asked me, Why do I care?

The best answer I could come up with at the time was “Because if I stop caring about my work, if I stop caring about my craft then they’ve won. I take pride in what I do, and if I lose that, I may as well quit programming altogether and do something else.”

Is it worth investing myself in a project that seems to have members of our team actively work against what should be our common goal? Probably not – but I like myself better this way.

Maybe they’re afraid that this project will be a success. It replaces everything they’re comfortable with. It discards their whole knowledge base on how to fix things if they go wrong. It makes them do things in new ways.

Who knows.

I’m not going to let them destroy my pride. I value myself more than that.

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  1. This is a great post. I think it reflects the passion that a lot of developers have. I believe it’s the sign of a good programmer, someone who is willing to learn and grow, rather than someone who is just punching a clock.

  2. I agree Vlad. We work a lot of years of our life, so if every day you just feel like you are putting in time I can’t imagine. I imagine part of being a developer is solving problems, creating code, learning new things. Taking pride in what you have created. I felt that when I did web design. I think its great to have passion for what you do!

  3. I don’t think necessarily if you loose your passion then “they win” I think it means that you’d need a change in whatever it is your doing.

    Passion is what keeps us going in whatever we do, so if you’ve lost it in one area that usually means its been replaced by another area.

    I’ve contemplated my passion for the IT industry many times and almost left it before joining Focus. I think it’s something we all go through, its a good gut check to ensure we are where we need to be and what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

    Great reflection

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