What is in your riding kit?

This post has been delayed due to an awesome date with my Wife.

Previously I mentioned permanent gadgets attached to my bike, which got me thinking – what are all the upgrades I’ve done to my 2006 Giant FCR3? What exactly is in my ride kit, and should I change anything to make it better?

Let’s start with the upgrades first, and then we’ll dive into all the little things that I tend to take with me.

First thing I did when I got the bike was to replace the pedals. The stock cage pedals didn’t really suit my style and I wanted clip less pedals. I also realized that I may not have my cycling shoes on me always, so I went for Wellgo WPD-95B the half/half pedal. It has served me well so far. I do notice a difference when I use clip pedals – much more power is available.

Second thing I did was to add a back rack and a rear deflector. This prevents me from getting a “skunk-stripe” and allows me to haul a lot more than with a backpack. And to haul, I got myself a pair of panniers. Linked ones are the new version. Waterproof they’re not, but since I don’t really ride in the rain much, it’s not much of a concern.

Third thing was to install a set of pinhead wheel axle locks. This would not be necessary if I didn’t mind taking my front wheel off every time I tried locking up my bike. I am quite lazy, and it makes me much less likely to just jump in to a store or run an inside errand.

Before mentioned Air Zound and a bell round out the permanent items attached to my bike.

So what is part of my riding kit, that makes its way inside whenever the bike is locked?


Mobile repairs:

  • Pump – Filtzer Mini-Me – I’ve tried the Planet Bike ones and they never worked properly. This one is tiny and can actually pump up my tires to 110psi.
  • Glue-less patches – Filzer Zippy – No separate glue, no mess and they really work
  • Tire levers – uhh… I need to get a new set
  • Bike multi-tool – smallest one I could find
  • Pinhead axle key – see patches Smile


  • Bike computer – Garmin Edge 305 w/heart rate monitor – Not the flagship product anymore, but still damn good
  • MP3 player & headphones – I know I shouldn’t be riding with them on, but sometimes it is boring.
  • Water bottle – Nalgene All-Terrain bottle – Keep the shit on the road off of the water spout. Less shit in my mouth is great!
  • Snacks

Sigh… maybe I should just jump on the bike more often, and leave all the preparation for all troubles behind and enjoy the kilometers under the cranks.

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  1. I know. I didn’t even realize how much crap I was carting around just to be prepared for mishaps until I wrote this.

    No wonder that I’ve been apprehensive about riding 🙂

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