Tales of vacation–Part 4

Phone call #6 Eric: &^%K %#$J @#$@#K $%!*!%)*&@&#%$@!#&?%!@#&%?&!@#&$!& Kim: I’m not sure how to respond to that. Eric, you need to call the rental agency and please stop harassing us Eric: %#!&$%!#@*%! (Click) So what did I do when Kim tipped over? Did I drop my practicing and rush to her rescue? Well… Not exactly. […]

Tales of Vacation – Part 3

Phone Call #3 Eric: The house is a mess. What kind of people are you?? I want you out of my house immediately. You’re pigs. Me: Eric, you need to call the rental agency and talk to them. You need to go through them. Eric: You’re pigs. I want you out of my house. (Click) […]

Pigs beware! Sharp instruments of death may be coming your way!

Dear Anderson family, We’re sad that we missed this year’s gathering at your acreage. Unfortunately, we booked our vacation place couple of months before and we couldn’t get out of it. We’d like to come out for a visit sometime later and I have an idea if we need a reason why to come 🙂 […]

Tales of Vacation–Part 1

Phone call #2: me: Hello? Eric: You’re pigs. You’re all pigs. (Click) Our vacation started in rainy Banff and by Takakkaw falls in Yoho National park, where thunder overpowered the roar of the falls and strobes of lightning made the whole valley light up. After spending couple of days around Kelowna, we made our way […]


I’ve faltered and ditched my habit of writing my posts because I was forcing them. It would be 11:45pm, and I would start stressing out that my word count for that day was a big fat zero. For me, at best of times, writing is akin to mowing the lawn in the back behind and […]