Diving course review: Day one

When we were in Belize, we took a three day PADI Open Water diving certification course. The course itself felt quite gruelling just because of the how it was set up. First day was watching 4.5 hours of video. There were 5 episodes of instruction, that would correspond to a confined water dive. But we […]

Kim’s new toy

Last week, while I was replacing the driver side window and cursing the iPhone thieves, Kim decided to play Cinderella and scrub the floor on her hands and knees with a  brush. The parts of the kitchen that she scrubbed looked great. Baking soda and cleaner did a miracle. The tile and grout looked close […]

Eskimos are horrible

Today Kim called from work and asked if I would be up for going to an Edmonton Eskimos football game. I thought since it’s a beautiful sunny day we can enjoy a nice evening at the Commonwealth stadium. We’re at the game right now. It’s the fourth quarter, and Eskimos are losing 30-14 to BC […]

On beards…

I’m clean shaven. I haven’t been clean shaven in years. Today was the first time my wife has seen me without any facial hair. And I have to admit, I kind of forgot how I looked like without a goatee. Here is me: This morning This afternoon Slight difference, isn’t it? 🙂 Today I was […]

Photobook anyone?

We got back our wedding pictures last week and they look amazing! Kim has high hopes of making a big album/scrapbook for each set of parents and one for ourselves.I love this lady but her track record with scrapbooking and many other craft projects leaves something to be desired. I’m not much better with my […]